Lorain Wankoff, Ph.D.


Seven years ago, we were fortunate enough to have a friend recommend Lorain to us for our twin boys, who both had speech delays, and were later diagnosed with Asperger's. We could not have gotten better speech help than Lorain provided, and with her patient, thoughtful help, our sons made significant progress. She knows her stuff and works easily with children of very different temperaments.
– L.P. (preschool age)

My five year old daughter was having problems communicating with others, often resorting to grunts or yelling, rather than "using her words." After a year of speech therapy with Lorain, she made enough progress that further therapy was not needed. When a different speech issue arose with her younger sister, whose words are often unintelligble and has a bit of a lisp, I was  delighted that Lorain had time in her schedule to work with her, and the flexibility to work with our logistical challenges.

C.S., (kindergarten age)

Dr. Wankoff has privately tutored our daughter for several years. During that period, our daughter has not only excelled academically, but her improved reading proficiency and understanding have made her a more confident person. Dr. Wankoff has all of the qualities of a great teacher; caring, empathy, patience and a genuine desire to see her students perform at their best. By helping our daughter, our entire family is indebted to her.

– P.B., (11 year old daughter)

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